Financial support

Information for PhD students

  • All students of doctoral study programmes in the standard full-time period are entitled to a scholarship. It starts at 10,000 CZK/month and then increases depending on publications or presentations at conferences up to 12,500 CZK/month.

    For details read Provision of the Dean D 58 – On the Amount of Scholarship of PhD Students

    Students who have fulfilled the regular study duties and other conditions as detailed in D 58 may, at the proposal of the supervisor, receive a higher basic scholarship. The form Request for the increase of regular scholarship is to be sent to the Department of Study affairs, and the decision whether to comply is made by the Vice-Dean for doctoral studies.

    The Dean may individually reduce the Doctoral scholarship by up to 50 % for students in the thirteenth and subsequent months of study who have not yet fulfilled the obligations set out in paragraph 1 of provision D 58 or for whom the Specialist Board has reduced the scholarship based on non-fulfilment of other study obligations. The reduction is effective from the following calendar month to the calendar month in which the Dean, on the proposal of the Specialist Board, again determines the amount of the scholarship according to paragraphs 1 to 4 of D 58. In the event that the conclusion of the regular evaluation of Doctoral studies by the Specialist Board is a statement that the student has not fulfilled the obligations according to the individual study plan (evaluation C), the Dean may decide to withdraw the scholarship.

  • Internships abroad

    Students of doctoral study programmes are obliged to complete the course Study stay during their studies, the minimum length of the study stay is 1 month. The goal is to obtain theoretical as well as practical knowledge and experience, experimental work to obtain specific data, their evaluation and preparation of scientific publication.

    Course code and its duration:
    FPR/ 801 – Study stay I.–  stay abroad for 2 to 4 weeks [IS/STAG link]
    FPR/ 802 – Study stay II. – stay abroad for 1 to 3 months [IS/STAG link]
    FPR/ 803 – Study stay III. – stay abroad for more than 2 months [IS/STAG link]

    Before leaving for their study stay, the student must register their stay by submitting filled form Student’s international mobility to the Vice-Dean for doctoral studies at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Students going through Erasmus+ programme do not need to submit this form, their internship is administered and registered by Mgr. Barbara Okosy.
    Credit for course completion is awarded by the Vice-Dean for doctoral studies upon submission of a Confirmation of an internship form issued by the visited institution. All students returning from an internship, including returning from Erasmus+ stay, must submit this confirmation.

    Student’s international mobility form
    Confirmation of an internship

    Financial support of internships abroad

    Students can apply for financial support for an internship abroad from several sources:

    • GA JU – contact the principal investigator of the team grant of which you are a member
    • Departmental RVO – contact the head of your department
    • International mobility 2024/2025 project – contact the Vice-Dean for doctoral studies, details about the applications are listed below
    • Supervisor’s project

    Other options for financial support outside university sources:

    • Erasmus+ - information about the project can be found here, the administrator at our faculty is Mgr. Barbora Okosy
    • Fulbright scholarships – for stays at the USA, more information here
    • Of the extraordinary funding opportunities are students informed via email

    If you wish to apply for support from the International mobility 2024/2025 project, please submit your motivation letter to the Vice-Dean for doctoral studies doc. RNDr. Eva Nováková, Ph.D., at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. In your application, please include:

    • Full name
    • Year of study
    • Study programme + subject of your dissertation thesis
    • Length of the stay abroad (if you have a more precise idea about possible dates of your stay, please specify them
    • Clearly defined goals
    • Financial budget (cost of flights/tickets, accomodation, what other financial sources are you requesting/have support from)

    All the circumstances – length and location of the internship, support from other sources, the total amount of funding available – are taken into account in awarding and determining the amount of financial support from the university project. If the location or length of the internship eventually change (the internship is shorter or in a more financially available country), the financial contribution will be reduced proportionaly.

    Student can apply for the support from the university project once per year, and the project supports expenses for a maximum of 3 months. Priority is given to students who have not yet completed the minimum required duration of a study stay (1 month).

    Financial support of conferences abroad

    Sources of financial support of internships can be used as well for support of international conferences, with departments having resources reserved especially for them.

    Students are required to present their results at least once during the standard time of study at an international conference, where the language of the meeting is English or, with the approval of the Specialist Board, another world language. The conference is to be registered in IS/STAG as a course under the code:

    XXX/907 – Conference Presentation (in foreign language) – xxx = departmental code
    The credit for fulfilment is awarded by the Chair of the SB after the student submits a copy of the poster or copies from the collection of abstracts.

  • For more detailed information about grants available at the Faculty of Science, read the section Research


    The Grant Agency of the University of South Bohemia (Grantová agentura Jihočeské univerzity) aims to support quality research of students of doctoral and master’s degree programmes at USB. GA JU supports students in two ways:

    1. as members of the team projects (managed by a JU employee, but at least half of the team members must be students). The projects last for three years and there may be a turnover of students during the project duration. The project enables the team members to draw funds for research activities, including travel expenses and regular and extraordinary scholarships. Each included student must be within the standard period of study plus one year.
    2. as a principal investigator of individual projects (submitted by students), which are usually focused on research activities carried out by students of the doctoral study program in full-time study (and during the standard study time). The duration of an individual project is 1 or 2 years.

    More information about GA JU can be found here.

    The assignment of doctoral students to the research teams is solved dynamically throughout the project duration, according to the termination of the students‘ involvement and the admission of new students and their involvement in scientific activities. The aim is that every active full-time doctoral student in standard period should be involved in the activities of just one team project.

    After enrolment, students are assigned to a GA JU team project from which they receive a stipend for their work on the team project.

    Team projects

    Project code


    Principal investigator


    Ecosystem biology + Limnology

    RNDr. Karolína Tahovská, Ph.D.



    prof. Mgr. Radim Šumbera, Ph.D.


    Biophysics + Biochemistry + Applied physics

    prof. Mgr. Ivana Kutá Smatanová, Ph.D.


    Parasitology + Molecular and cell biology

    prof. RNDr. Václav Hypša, CSc.



    prof. RNDr. Oldřich Nedvěd, CSc.


    Botany + Plant physiology

    RNDr. Libor Ekrt, Ph.D.


    KMB + Genetics

    Mgr. Adam Bajgar, Ph.D.


    Infection biology

    doc. RNDr. Jindřich Chmelař, Ph.D.

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