Provision of the Dean No. D 69
on the setting of fees for discretionary administrative services
from 25 September 2011
as amended on 1 October 2019

Administrative services and documents to which the student is entitled under Act No. 111/1998 coll. on universities, or according to other applicable standards, are provided by the faculty free of charge as part of the provision of free access to education. Other discretionary administrative services are provided by the faculty upon the student's request, in exchange for payment of the resulting costs associated with such a service, or at least a part of these costs based on a calculation of the price of materials required and the amount of salary expenditure over the average time required to perform the requested action.

This provision sets the amount of remuneration for the individual discretionary services listed below.

The application for such a service is to be submitted to the Department of Student Affairs along with the receipt for payment of the fee (either in cash at the cash desk of the Faculty of Science or by bank transfer to the account of the Faculty of Science - more details on cashless payment can be found on the faculty website).

The fees for individual services are set as follows:

1 A request for a subsequent change to an already completed enrollment within three weeks of the beginning of the semester (cancellation of course enrollment, completion of another subject enrollment after the beginning of the semester, for one submission with any number of changes).1

80 Kč


A request for an additional change of an already completed enrollment (cancellation of the enrollment in the subject, addition of another subject enrollment) after the end of the permitted period (see point 1).

The application is to contain adequate justification and the submitted application is to be assessed by the Vice-Dean.

150 Kč

3 An application for permission to enroll after the deadline 200 Kč
5 A request for permission to check studies after the deadline2 200 Kč
6 A request for an extension of the examination period - see footnote 2 200 Kč
7 An application for the issue of evidence of completed examinations 150 Kč
8 An application for the issueing of a duplicate diploma 250 Kč

An application for a Diploma Supplement for graduates who completed their studies at FB USB before 1 January 2005:

  • Diploma Supplement for Bachelor's Study
  • Diploma Supplement for Master's study



1500 Kč
1200 Kč


The processing of any other discretionary administrative services with the exception of:

  • an applications for the recognition of subjects which constitute the minimum completion requirements for Master's programmes, which the student has already completed within their Bachelor's studies (this application is processed free of charge);
  • administrative services related to rigorous proceedings (fees for these services are dealt with in a separate directive).
150 Kč

1 Cancellation of course enrollment, when cancelled by teaching staff/department/institute is free of charge.
2 Upon submission of a medical certificate sufficiently substantiating the application for an extension of the enrollment deadline, the Vice-Dean may waive the fee.

Prof. Ing. Hana Šantrůčková, CSc.

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