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Oracle Academy is a comprehensive offer for secondary, higher and higher vocational schools with a technical focus. It prepares students for a career in the field of information technology and provides teachers with professional development that helps them in better orientation and obtaining current information for teaching.

Corporate program

Oracle Academy Czech Republic works at two levels. The first is a corporate program that is created for individual school grades and offers three learning paths. The principle is to provide Oracle software and products for educational purposes, along with curricula (study materials) and support.

The first track, Introduction to Computer Science, is best suited to a high school setting. Students learn the basics of SQL and PL/SQL programming using web training and working with an instructor. Finally, successful students can get a certificate. Teachers complete a professional course and successfully complete it with certification.

The second pathway, Advanced Computer Science, provides schools with development tools and Oracle Database and Oracle Application Server products in addition to software. It is ideal for schools looking to integrate technology and learning materials into their curriculum.

The third route, Enterprise Business Application, is used by faculties and universities that are focused on business and computer science. Students who participate in the courses are prepared for a wide range of fields, from finance, healthcare and telecommunications.

Currently, the interest of technical schools in Oracle Academy membership is increasing. The main advantage is the possibility to choose between installing on your own systems or accessing the software via a web browser. There are now 34 secondary schools, 12 universities and 5 higher vocational schools as members of the Oracle Academy.

Local activities

However, in addition to the corporate program, the Oracle Academy in the Czech Republic is also active in other, local activities. Currently, she is creating her own educational strategy, according to which her steps and further cooperation with schools will be as efficient as possible.

Other events organized within the Oracle Academy include the Oracle Roadshow organized in cooperation with universities, technological meetings with university students, seminars for teachers and students of secondary schools and many others.

(taken from https://www.oracle.com/global/cz/charity/academy.html)


As part of database training at ÚAI, it is possible to obtain a certificate issued in cooperation with Oracle Czech Republic. This certificate both documents the completion of the database course and entitles you to a discount when obtaining commercial Oracle certificates. You can find their offer here. For more information, contact Mr. Miloš Prokýšek.

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